Mercedes-Benz V 280 Reviews

Mercedes-Benz V 280 Reviews

For a long time I wanted a big car, and now I decided on a "large minivan" in the form of a 280 V-class Mercedes. Before that there were different cars. from our Zhiguli to Toyota. minivan. I will say right away – I expected more from Mercedes in everything .. Firstly, I was disappointed with the acceleration dynamics of a 174 strong engine of 2.8 liters in volume. I imagine how "stupid" 2.0 and 2.3 liters. models. Secondly, the suspension is harsh and does not swallow even small pits and bumps. Thirdly, the electrics from Mercedes struck me with their unreliability, some little things constantly arise that complicate life: either the brake switch frog covered itself and pulled the anti-skid and ABS shutdown, then the gas pedal cable, which was also crammed with sensors, failed at the same time in the operation of the engine such glitches that there was a feeling that it was time to change everything, including the car. then the heater fan turned on only if you catch a bigger bump. It turned out that the brushes were just burnt. then the tachometer hopelessly went to zero and did not rise until the craftsmen soldered the contacts. At the same time, in order to find out the reasons for the above failures, you need to go to the officials and unfasten at least 150-250 USD for diagnostics. the repair itself is much less expensive. Fourth, I was struck by the size and stupidity of the cabin. the seats in the cabin do not fold out and practically do not move. on a trip to the south, it was impossible to properly put even one person to sleep. unless you remove all the chairs and leave them at home, and put an air mattress in the cabin, while due to the rigidity of the suspension,
trampoline effect. sleeping is not possible at all, especially considering the quality of our road surface. Fifth, do not like the appetites of the gasoline engine. according to Moscow traffic jams, this is at least 20l / 100 km, the track also did not please about 16l per hundred. And that’s if you don’t push too hard. Sixth – the sound insulation is very mediocre. the roar of the engine during acceleration and the resonator on an already overclocked car exceeds my idea of ​​​​comfort. only eliminated the latter by completely cutting off the catalyst and welding in two turbocharged flame arresters. In general, I was disappointed with the V-class. sold without regrets. and moved to comfortable Japan.

04.11.2008 I’ve been wanting a big car for a long time, and now I decided on a "large minivan" in the form of a 280 V-class Mercedes. Before that there were different cars. from our Zhiguli to Toyota. min. more

according to personal preference). Good luck to everyone!

12/25/2012 magulya73

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